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But what’s puzzling you is the nature of my game

It's what I always dread when eating just after noon; I had to share the table with a person -- ethnically Indian, though he was born and raised in Scotland, and is here as an exchange student -- who wanted to talk. I don't like talking while eating; I like to eat and read. More, I don't like making small talk.

That's not true. I don't like to start making small talk; but when my brain finally loads up the programs to start doing it (this takes a minute or two), I'm pretty good at it. You may have noticed I've got a lot of odd, amusing anecdotes, I'm rarely shy to share them, and I can present most in an entertaining way. Since I desperately love to entertain, I can chat almost as well in real life as I can online, and I love ``performing'' in this (or any) way.

There has to be some sort of masochism involved, as why else would I look at chances to do something at which I'm good, and which I enjoy doing, with such dread?

My conversational partner had to eat quickly because he had a lecture to attend at noon. He had sat down at 12:05. I also eat quickly, but from habit; I had nothing else scheduled for the day.

Trivia: James Clerk Maxwell introduced statistical mechanics to the theory of gas particles, an inspiration drawn from his attempts to study the motion of particles in Saturn's rings. Source: The Kind of Motion We Call Heat, Stephen G Brush.

Currently Reading: Rogue Moon, Algis Budrys.


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