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A rub-a-dub, just relaxing in my tub, thinking everything was all right

So, that was close.

I got up, showered, went downstairs to feed our rabbit. I turned the water on to wash his vegetables and nothing came out of the tap but a disturbing gurgling sound. The faucet's given us some problems --- it's been dripping unless you leave it in just the right spot --- so I assumed it had finally broken to the point it had to be fixed instead of put up with. I turend on the cold water. The same gasps of air came out. bunny_hugger called down to say there wasn't any water in the shower. I take long showers, but not long enough that it should dry up mid-Michigan.

In the basement there wasn't any evidence of a pipe having burst or anything leaking at least inside there, which is very good as I'm not even sure what I would turn off if it needed to be turned off. We worried about what we'd have to do to get the water back, particularly if it turned into an emergency repair of pipes into or in our house, especially given that it's so very mid-winter. But as we fretted the water sputtered back into place, yellowed and uncertain --- ``Sochi water'', we couldn't help calling it --- but clearing up with a couple minutes of running.

Still, we called the water company and they confirmed there had been a service interruption in our area; something had needed emergency repairs. We don't know that it was a water main break, but that sort of problem is only slightly less popular than potholes in mid-Michigan right now so we're going to suppose that's what it is. And now the only question is how weird is it that the water was off for maybe fifteen minutes and went off exactly in-between my finishing the shower to go downstairs and my getting out some lettuce and parsley?

Trivia: For the 2006 Winter Olympics, Torino beat out bids from Sion, Switzerland; Klagenfurt, Austria; Helsinki, Finland; Zakopane, Poland; and Poprad Tatry, Slovakia. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle. (I must admit that any of those rival places, other than Helsinki, would have been a bold step forward in Olympic Host City Names That Induce Giggling In The Immature Like Me.)

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