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Two-room apartment on the second floor

And some news from back east: my parents have got an apartment. The plan had been that, after my mother finished seeing the last clients who wouldn't accept that she was retiring, that they'd go down to Charleston for a week or so and examine a couple of apartments they'd scoped out. Now, my mother says, they've got a place rented. Sight unseen, she admits, but they thought the description was just too right for them. I note that I got the e-mail about this from my mother, while my father hasn't offered any comment.

I would like to offer reservations about all this, except I'm on spectacularly weak ground for that: except for Rutgers none of the colleges I ever applied to, for undergraduate or graduate life, were campuses I'd seen (and in those days there weren't even virtual tours on the web). I went to grad school in Troy, New York, where I'd never been even in passing, and that turned out to be exactly to my tastes, both in college and community. Heck, I went to a country I'd never visited on a continent I'd never visited to a department of people I'd never spoken to (it was the easiest way to support my grad student habit), and that worked out quite well for me. I'm too vulnerable to a counterargument that logically sound. And I'd been to Lansing before marrying into the city, but, if things had gone a little differently I might have been taking up residence in Nagadoches, Texas, as long as it would be with my bride, despite knowing nothing about it besides that it's where the Marx Brothers became the Marx Brothers.

Anyway, since they had the trip planned, they're still going, but are turning it into a pure vacation and chance to putter around town before flying back to my aunt's home and then go on their Australia/Pacific cruise vacation. They've got a two bedroom/two bath apartment that overlooks the pool, and they ``don't know any more details yet'', so, as ever, let's just hope they know what they're doing.

Trivia: During the Opening Ceremonies for the 1932 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, Eleanor Roosevelt took a ride down the new bobsled run. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: A Splintered History of Wood, Spike Carlsen.

PS: Reading the Comics, February 21, 2014: Circumferences and Monkeys Edition, getting me all caught up on mathematics-themed comic strips that have recently run.


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