austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

It's not my birthday, so why do you lunge out at me?

For Valentine's Day I gave my wife a dragon. It's this adorable earring-like gadget from ThinkGeek, which has a post that goes through her ear where the earring does, and which winds back and forth around her ear, for a wonderfully striking illusion of having a serpentine dragon peeking out from her ear.

We also had her parents over, as their birthdays lead right up to Valentine's Day and it makes compelling sense to see them together. This was also the day of our little water interruption, so we didn't have the house cleaned up quite as much as we'd wanted, but they did think the coffee tasted unusually good, which we attributed to having extra-chunky water that day. We also got to show off to them bunny_hugger's new camera --- she's bought a serious camera, the kind with detachable lenses and flashes and all sorts of potential options, although she's still on the starter set of things to fit into it yet --- which intrigued her father less than we expected, honestly. Maybe he's afraid of it.

We went to dinner at a local bar, as they chose, although between it being Valentine's Day and a Friday and, I think, the hours running up to a university basketball game the place was packed and noisy and it took pretty near forever to get our food. (And at that they made mistakes, so had to re-do a baked potato, and forgetting entirely a side dish, I think cole slaw.) The result was a feeling like we picked the wrong place to have dinner, at least this particular day and this particular time. We formed resolutions to go somewhere else next time we had dinner.

Back home we enjoyed the cupcakes bunny_hugger's mother had made, really outstanding ones moist and sweet, and wished them well for the coming year. They had to get back home, to take care of their dogs, who were as well as they can be.

Trivia: Construction of the ski stadium, cross-country trails, and bobsled run for the 1936 Garmisch-Partenkirchen Winter Games were completed by the winter of 1934-35 and tested in competition before the Olympics. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Elevator Music: A Surreal History Of Muzak, Easy-Listening, and Other Moodsong, Joseph Lanza. And it's not even the first book I've read with substantial content about the history of the Muzak corporation.


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