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We will show you we're the best team in the Very Little League this year

Our pinball league had its final night of the first season, a night that was surprisingly poorly attended. Possibly people were pulled off because of exams; there's a lot of university-connected people in the league, and even the folks who were there mentioned things like they were on break from studying or they really shouldn't be there because they had work to do.

It was probably better for people that they didn't attend, though, because those of us who did suffered a spectacularly abysmal night. We couldn't play one of the regular machines, Medieval Madness, because it's got some problem with its audiovisual circuits and the dot matrix goes erratic and the game is silent except for occasionally bursting into a series of pinging beeps that sound like the self-destruct mechanism warning us. But we had Indiana Jones as substitute, and nevertheless nearly everyone had catastrophically bad games during league play. Nearly everybody played below their averages on the machines. bunny_hugger had an Indiana Jones so bad we honestly didn't know you could get scores that bad. (Much of Indiana Jones's scoring is given in the bonus, and she tilted twice, cheating her of the bonuses.) Heck, even I tiled Indiana Jones, and I never tilt machines, and I was having for the night a pretty good turn.

Fortunately I suppose our rankings for a night are relative to everyone who played that night, so it didn't sink us too horribly. In the final standings --- remarkably --- I came out fifth of twenty players, which is the more amazing because we've got several real super-players, the kind who can make a single ball last all night. bunny_hugger just barely slipped behind the median, to eleventh place, but given the practice she's been putting in and the skills she's been building that's nothing to be embarrassed by.

Trivia: The Ewe language, spoken in Ghana, gives the days of the week the names: work begins; second work day; muddle; lucky; unlucky; feast of the god Amiy; and rest day. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom: China, the West, and the Epic Story of the Taiping Civil War, Stephen R Platt.

PS: February 2014's Mathematics Blog Statistics, which is just what it says on the label.


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