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Terry and Julie cross over the river where they feel safe and sound

February 28th and March 1st serve as another kind of our anniversary. Our real relationship anniversary is the 29th of February, dating from when bunny_hugger made a Sadie Hawkins offer on her Livejournal and I leapt on it, and while our relationship goes back into the mists of time, from almost before Usenet was a thing if you can imagine, and our romantic relationship was obviously growing in the months before Leap Day of 2008, that's the best date to give to say when it really started.

We did, for the 28th, do a bit of celebrating, with giving of cards to each other, and going to the hipster bar to play pinball. (We finally ran into the guy who runs the league hanging out there; while we've been a good number of times, we hadn't seen him, apparently since he mostly hangs out on Tuesday nights whether there's league play or not.) They'd had a couple bands playing, not overwhelmingly, and while bunny_hugger had personal-best scores on Indiana Jones and on Lord of the Rings --- and had a pretty good even if she's not sure it was a record on Tales of the Arabian Nights --- I had some pretty dismal games, generally. One good Lord of the Rings, and some good magic lamp work on Arabian Nights, but that was it. Also for some reason a couple kids were running around the arcade area, making noise and playing the video games and hitting the start buttons on the pinballs in the optimism of youth.

And afterward we watched a silly little gift I'd given --- Rifftrax's version of Night of the Lepus, which I'd downloaded and burned to DVD. bunny_hugger's of mixed feelings about the riffing of movies (for good reason), although I think she raised her estimate of the Rifftrax crew by a full letter grade because of a late riff in which Mike Nelson called out the movie on its (inaccurate) identification of ``lepus'' as the Latin for ``rabbit'' and (correctly) pointing out it's the genus to which hares belong.

Trivia: London's Regent's Park began in its modern form after the falling in of a lease on farmland in 1811. Source: London: A History, A N Wilson.

Currently Reading: Redshirts, John Scalzi.

PS: Reading the Comics, March 1, 2014: Isn't It One-Half X Squared Plus C? Edition, more mathematics comics.


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