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A coffee shop and toast, coffee and juice, and then we'll sleep til 5 pm

So, another day, another couple inches of snow, another early afternoon spent getting snow out of the sidewalk and driveway. There are parts of this I like, such as, seeing what it's like at night when we have a pristine, dry sidewalk in the midst of mounds of snow, but I've had enough of the parts I like.

I went to restock the bird and the squirrel feeders; the bird feeder was only half full and that's about normal. The squirrel feeder was empty, which is the signal that they need more peanuts or the squirrels start really savaging the bird feeder. So I got the peanuts out and poured a scoop full into the feeder and realized there was something in there. A bird? A squirrel? A baby squirrel? It was something.

I opened the lid and saw what looked like the nose of a tiny squirrel and worried: was it dead? Which is grim, but, this winter's seen altogether too many cute little animals dying around here. But, no, its nose was wiggling, even though it was slowing, and I couldn't tell if that was because it was trying to hide from me or because the pouring of peanuts had hurt it. I pulled some of the peanuts around, and the animal --- a chipmunk --- pulled itself up and leapt from the feeder right to another tree, about five feet away and a foot or two up, which suggests that the chipmunk may have been inconvenienced but not, er, crushed. S/he ran up the tree after giving me such a glare, and I like to imagine is telling the other chipmunks about how this day went crazy. You can picture easily the other chipmunks saying it was terrifying but what a way to go.

Also, it turns out we've still got chipmunks in the yard, which is good to know.

Trivia: Only one coffee house is recorded (in the early 1800s) as having been built on the London Bridge: ``Strachem & Softlaw, Tavern; Bridge House Hotel, Tavern, & Coffee House, London Bridge, Southwark''. Source: Old London Bridge: The Story Of The Longest Inhabited Bridge In Europe, Patricia Pierce.

Currently Reading: Redshirts, John Scalzi.


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