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And everyone who walks in through that door has got something that they're looking for

Pinball league has given us a couple surprises, since it's very easy to walk to the hipster bar where it's held for practice and for league nights --- it's not quite two blocks away --- and it's the chance to see the area, rather than flying, the way we see from cars. It makes it easier to notice things.

One of those things is that a convenience store moved cat-corner across the street. This makes it a bit more convenient for us, since it's actually on the way while walking to the place we might go on foot. It's also considerably expanded, including expanding the name from ``Michigan Mart'' to ``Michigan Market'', to cover a lot more space that fills nearly all of a building which had been empty for years and before that had hosted some kind of print shop. It doesn't quite fill the entire building, but the part which isn't the market is a cell phone store because those things apparently just spontaneously form anymore.

According to the local free weekly the place is turning into a local supermarket, with --- coming soon --- even a deli counter. I'm rather happy about this, partly because it's good to see businesses expanding and empty buildings getting filled again, partly because it'd be rather nice having a supermarket that's in walking range. We've got a couple convenience stores nearby, but a spot where you can get actual food or maybe, like, spaghetti salad would be very welcome.

At least, that's the promise it has. The time we actually stopped in the place looked like a convenience store trying to cover more space than it actually needed. (But as all we needed were some light snacks that was actually fine.) The cashier was enthusiastic and friendly, the kind of talkative you expect from a quirky little Ann Arbor-y shop, and spoke of the plans they had to make it a real neighborhood resource, especially when they got some stock in later this week and would, in the near future, be able to start carrying fresh vegetables and get the deli counter in and all that.

Trivia: A& P was the first retailer to sell a billion dollars worth of merchandise in a single year (1929). The company's after-tax profit topped 26 million, for a 24 percent return on investment Source: The Great A&P And the Struggle For Small Business In America, Marc Levinson.

Currently Reading: All Clear, Connie Willis.

PS: A Wonder of Rationality, something neat in Q.


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