austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Don't you know you're sleeping in the spotlight

I talk in my sleep. This wasn't something I knew before I married, since it just wouldn't come up. I knew I snored, since people who'd just had the misfortune to sleep in the same house as me mentioned it, and besides that, I spent most of my life as a really huge, doughy guy, and snoring would be almost expected. But talking I didn't know about.

It turns out that I also scream in my sleep. Presumably this correlates to having nightmares. A couple of times bunny_hugger's woken me up in the middle of my screaming and I've realized that I was having a nightmare, wich seems fair grounds to extrapolate. She does her best to nudge me awake, but, I'm a champion at sleeping through things, and she's often not sure that anything's really taken when she tries to wake me up. I think it's very likely she doesn't wake me up, by any reasonable measure, at most just dislodging whatever was going through my head at the moment. It's the same nudging she gives when my snoring reaches a critical point.

I should point out that, to reports, this screaming is not necessarily loud. That nocturnal paralysis that keeps my mouth from opening and apparently my vocal cords from being that tight means it's this weird, ghastly, unearthly thing that spooks my dear wife.

She said something this week to spook me, though. She asked who wakes me up when (as work sometimes needs) I sleep by myself.

Trivia: New Jersey's Picatinny Arsenal dates back to the Revolutionary War, when Swiss ironmaster John Jacob Faesch supplied cannon, shot, and tools to the Continental Army, with a workforce of 250 Hessian prisoners at his Middle Forge. Source: American-Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA, Nick Taylor.

Currently Reading: The World of Swope: A Biography of Herbert Bayard Swope, E J Kahn Jr.

PS: 14,000, a minor milestone for the mathematics blog.


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