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Watch The Walls Instead

There are a number of things that any of us should be grateful for. I estimate the number of things to be at least fourteen. But I think the biggest thing any of us can be grateful for is that I'm not singing for you right now. Very likely I'll never sing for you. You probably won't believe just how very good this is for you. Fundamentally, I've got a deep incompetence about music.

For further explorations of my music incompetence please look over at my humor blog. Other things that have run there since last week's Now Starring ... Food have been:

Trivia: In June 1937 Eugene Castle introduced Castle Films' News Parade, newsreels for the amateur, home-movie market. its first issue featured the Hindenburg disaster; the second, the coronation of George VI; the third, the life of the Duke of Windsor. Source: The American Newsreel, 1911 - 1967, Raymond Fielding.

Currently Reading: The Airships Akron and Macon, Richard K Smith.

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