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I feel the sky tumbling down

The local newspaper mentioned that at South By Southwest a trade group from the Lansing area advertised to whoever's interested in this sort of thing the proposition ``Escape To Lansing''. The big selling point --- and the one that's on their web site --- is that Lansing is free of many disasters which make it annoying to do business, to wit:

Hurricanes. True. Mid-Michigan is admirably hurricane-free, what with most hurricanes refusing to tromp over the Appalachian mountains and deal with trying to follow the highways around Toledo.

The rest of this image-filled entry is over at my humor blog. Also running there since last week's I'm No Good At Music have been:

Trivia: The Saturday Evening Post circulation in 1897 was about 2,231. By 1899 it rose to 97,000, and doubled that the next year. Source: Advertising and the Transformation of American Society, 1865 - 1920, James D Norris.

Currently Reading: Europe, 1914 - 1939, F Lee Benns, Mary Elisabeth Seldon.

PS: Calculating March Madness, as there's all kinds of calculations to be done about a simple 63-contest single-elimination match.

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