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A quarter pound of lean ideas

Since it's the start of the month and bunny_hugger has to go to bed early for work anyway, let me give my report on The Price Is Right so nobody has to actually read what comes after. These are the Showcase Showdown and the Showcase numbers for the shows from the 3rd of March through the 28th of March, 2014, omitting two episodes --- the 18th and 19th --- that were reruns and two episodes --- the 20th and 21st --- which were preempted due to March Madness. As for which spinner wins the Showcase:

First Second Third
Month 4 12 14
Season 74 83 81

Yes, I dimly remember the days when I thought the second player might have an edge, but I don't believe in that advantage anymore. As for whether the first or second player revealed wins the Showcase, it's getting to look more like nobody wins as there were three double overbids this month.

First Revealed Second Revealed Double Overbid
Month 6 7 3
All 54 49 13
Unforced Month 0 7 -
Unforced Season 12 38 -

What information can be drawn from this? If you didn't overbid, and Drew reveals your Showcase second, you probably won, so you should know literally seconds ahead of everyone else in the studio, if you are certain you didn't overbid. (Warning! If you bid supremely obviously under, like, a dollar, you'll be revealed first, win or lose.)

Trivia: Britain's Easter Act of 1928 allows an Order of Council to fix the date of Easter in Great Britain to the first Sunday after the second Saturday in April, but has not been acted on. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life Of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom, Graham Farmelo.

PS: The Math Blog Statistics, March 2014, to round out how today is all about talking about how last month was, if you missed that.

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