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Yes I'll walk away and leave it, though I know you won't believe it

I think I've mentioned that our pet rabbit has, in non-humor-based things, been getting cuter lately. I mean, he's always been cute, but the last few months he's been picking up behaviors like flopping out sideways on his dog bed, or rearing his head up towards the ceiling.

He's also been chewing a lot more. The annoying side of this is when he chews the plastic litter bins in his hutch, as that's loud and unpleasant; most of the time, though, he's been just chewing whatever was available. We tossed into his pen one of the spare towels in, so he'd have something fresh to chew on, and that he could move around in the kind of play that sometimes gets called ``bunstruction''.

At one point he was back to chewing on his plastic bin, so, I pulled him out of his hutch --- and he hissed at me, or huffed anyway, which is one short level below biting and clawing --- and set him on his dog bed, and covered him in the towel. He shook his head out from under covers, though, and went to sleep, which is about the perfect kind of response. He doesn't automatically go to sleep on being covered with the towel, but he does seem to settle down reliably, at least for a while.

Then our rabbit had an inventive breakthrough. He's figured how to tug on the towel and wrap it over his own back.

We missed the moment when our rabbit developed blanket technology, but we do hope to get a video of him doing it, as we figure a video of that could easily be the most popular thing on the Internet for like eight whole minutes.

Trivia: The 2.7-mile, four-minute Princeton Branch rail line, commonly called the Dinky, runs from the Princeton University campus to the Princeton Junction train station, and has been running in its present location since 1865 (since 1920 to the current campus station). (It appears to be the shortest regularly-scheduled commuter train service.) Source: Railroads of New Jersey: Fragments of the Past in the Garden State Landscape, Lorett Treese.

Currently Reading: The General : David Sarnoff and the Rise of the Communications Industry, Kenneth Bilby.

PS: Thomas Hobbes and Doing of Important Mathematics, as I discovered recently that the great philosopher had done some extremely groundbreaking mathematics that happened not to be right.


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