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On to Chuck's Composite, then a drink at The Stork

I should mention that along with the information about B F Churchill, that old issue of what would become Michigan State University's campus paper had a lot of fascinating slice-of-life reading about early January of 1912. For example, here's a piece that, well, merits a quarter-column-inch:

The poultry department made a shipment last week of 35 birds to our former poultryman, H. L. Kempster, now of Missouri.

There really isn't a way that this is different from the kinds of stuff you'd see in the news columns of the alumni newsletter these days, if you read your alumni newsletter, and if it were running today we'd probably see it turned into a press release and a web page with altogether too many graphics and a couple paragraphs of text that load only after the university assures you that it's a pioneer in developing leveraged futures and the like.

And then there's reminders that you really need professional guidance to quite understand old newspaper articles, as per this paragraph:

A meeting of those interested in local option was held in the church parlors Friday night, at which time Mr. J. E. Hammond, of Lansing, outlined the plan of campaign, and told of work being done. Committees will be appointed in each township and village to carry on the work. Mr. Schepers was the unanimous choice as chairman of the East Lansing division, and was given authority to appoint his assistants, four in number.

I'm going to guess this was probably tied to local prohibition, but I admit knowing so little of mid-Michigan local politics of 1912 that I couldn't swear the weren't talking about how to organize yelling at their local school boards or whether there ought to be these pesky taxes paid for roads or something like that.

Trivia: 150 potential launch sites in 40 states competed to host the launch facilities for the Space Shuttle. Source: A History Of The Kennedy Space Center, Kenneth Lipartito, Orville R Butler. (Kennedy, Vandenberg, and White Sands were the most plausible candidates.)

Currently Reading: The President Is A Sick Man: How The Supposedly Virtuous Grover Cleveland Survives A Secret Surgery At Sea And Vilifies The Courageous Newspaperman Who Dared Expose The Truth, Matthew Algeo.


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