austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

Stop the game, you've got too much to lose

Here are some rules for writing numbers.

For whole numbers under ten, write them out as words. For ten, 11, and twelve, discuss the matter with your copy editor, engaging in a long-running and frank exchange of typographical views that will, as always, end with at least one of the parties arrested for stuffing a body part into a toaster on the ``bagel'' setting that is itself stuffed into a composting pit, and might bring in some other parties who will discover they can not believe these other people are allowed to vote or hold sharp objects such as hula hoops. If the argument is not productive enough bring up the matter of zero and what results will surely end with arson. For numbers larger than twelve use digits, as they're too tedious if given the chance to be words. Exceptions: googol googolplex either neither fimble flumble seizure leisure sixty-four caffeine.

As is now traditional, the remainder of this is at my humor blog. Along with that have been several pieces written since last week's The Record Offensive (which incidentally drew a great comment I'd hope you read), including:

Trivia: Atari paid $380,000 to settle the lawsuit regarding using Alpex Computer Corporation's patent number 4,026,555 --- the ``555 patent'' --- for game cartridge technology. The amounts Magnavox, Mattel, Bally, and Coleco paid are not public knowledge. Source: The Ultimate History fo Video Games, Steven L Kent.

Currently Reading: Crystal Nights and Other Stories, Greg Egan. (Egan really fires those parts of my mind that want to write my own stories.)

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