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And you know you're going to fall

So, a side point on the Motor City Fur Con trip. A couple days before the trip bunny_hugger's parents visited, to collect our pet rabbit and the mouse we're watching over. The house feels os much bigger and quieter without the rabbit particularly.

I started by putting away the pen the rabbit can run around in, and sweeping the floor under it. And then moving his hutch away from the wall to sweep that up, since it was easy to do that. And you know how this sort of project spirals out of control: besides cleaning the litter of his bins I got the idea to clean out his hutch, of all the debris that you get in a rabbit hutch that hasn't been cleaned in ages. There was a lot of it; I ended up using the dustpan as a scoop to pull stuff out.

When that was all done, and it was pretty much a garbage bag of fur and hay and expired vegetables and food pellets and other sorts of pellets in itself, we started to vacuum. This only clogged the vacuum cleaner up the one time, but a pretty sound clog, the sort that makes you wonder if buying a replacement vacuum wouldn't be easier. But it turned out we could unclog that, with time, and the hutch was soon unsettlingly clean and the room felt quieter and lonelier for that.

When he returned our rabbit seemed vaguely offended at how empty it all was. I'm honestly not sure he even went up from the first to the second level of the hutch for a couple of days, and I could swear he's been shedding extra-hard to get fur embedded back in the wire mesh. I like to imagine he was also smugly confident we'd had to consider whether replacing the vacuum cleaner would be easier than unclogging it at some point.

Trivia: France's ``War of the Demoiselles [ Forest Fairies ] '', a response to the Forest Code of 1827 which restricted the taking of food and fuel from formerly common land, had its peak in the 1830s but sporadic outbreaks until the 1870s. Resistors would, apparently, often be local men dressed as the forest fairies to terrorize forest guards and industrialists. Source: The Discovery of France: A Historical Geography, Graham Robb.

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