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We doctors are important men

So, it's been a little while since I last had a regular doctor's checkup. Decades, really, if you don't count a couple screenings I got while in Singapore. But it's so easy to be too embarrassed to start going, especially after you've not been for a long while, which is apparently one of the handful of stereotypically guy traits that I do have. But bunny_hugger has been good about gently nudging me to make an appointment with her doctor, who was willing to take me on as a relative of one of her current patients, and I finally did it.

This was really more a get-to-know-you visit, to see if the doctor and I seem likely to be a good pairing, and I suspect we will be, partly because I can get along with most people, after all. I did have my usual dithering overthinking of some of the preliminary questions, such as, have I lost a lot of weight recently? Well, if five years ago is recent, yes, but also, is the question implicitly asking about unexplained weight loss, because that weight loss was the result of deliberate and planned action and the only unexpected part was its effectiveness. The doctor was impressed by the weight loss and what I've kept off, though, and gave me a high-five that I made awkward because I can make any high-five awkward.

She did note that I'm far too young to be sedentary, which is a nice thing to hear, and confirmed that what I did to lose weight --- step aerobics while watching my shows --- is a pretty good thing to be doing to fight that sedentary-ness. My medical history was dull enough she complained I wasn't giving her anything to do, but, my parents and my grandparents gave her stuff to think about. She also observed that my left shoulder is higher than my right (``sometimes that just happens'', she said), and when I tried raising both my eyebrows at her direction, only the left went up on the first try. It does a better job of brow-quirking than the right.

She did want an ultrasound done on my abdomen, as she's not sure whether my aorta is (medical something) simply because I used to be obese or because it needs further attention. We'll be setting up an appointment for that at some point, I figure. I failed to explain that my father's doctor urged all the kids to get MRIs, so, I need to fix that, and I'm just an idiot for not arranging it sooner. She also asked me to get some ordinary blood and urine screenings done, which was done down the hall.

Her office by the way was pretty warm and friendly; the lab felt much colder, possibly because it was also deserted except for me. The receptionist looked over the lab slip and asked whether I'd been fasting, and I hadn't, because my appointment slip didn't say to, but she reconsidered and decided I didn't need to fast after all. The blood draw was frustrating as the nurse couldn't find my vein, but, it wasn't much worse than any blood donation.

And, so, that's the state of my somewhat screened health for now.

Trivia: The Baha'i calendar has a seven-day week, starting Saturdays, each day named for the attributes of God. No day is set aside for religious observances. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

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