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Census, the latest census

We also continue to have neighbors, which shouldn't be a particular surprise. The ones who moved in over the winter started off with a mixed rating, being very quiet but never picking up any of the free weekly papers that scattered in their snow. Since the snow defied all expectations by melting, though, they've been picking up the newspapers at least so the front yard is looking tidy. Similarly they've been better about picking up the debris that had fallen out of their cabs since the weather stopped being so brutal.

They slightly worried me, and very worried bunny_hugger, by turning out to have a dog --- a previous renter had a very loud, very poorly treated dog that was central to a longrunning feud between bunny_hugger and the old neighbor --- which we thought the landlord didn't allow anymore. More, it turns out they have two dogs. But then they're obviously quiet, or we'd have had no idea they were around for up to four months, and they seem to have been kept inside, but this winter, how could they be let out?

Last week the neighbors rose enormously in bunny_hugger's view by one going around back, to all the trees, and engaging in the Sisyphean raking and brush-clearing that's needed back there. Goodness knows if anyone's ever done that before. But tidying up the part of the backyard that's pretty much invisible except from our back windows, and that possibly nobody's ever cleaned up? Excellent. Then they plummeted right back down by moving one of their minivans into that part of the backyard, on the grass. This lasted a day or two and then the minivan was moved back to their driveway. This week they held a party with a fair number of people over, none of whom we heard, but cars were parked across the sidewalk and on the wrong side of the road.

So in short, the neighbors seem to be trying to send off the signals of being simultaneously great, fair, mediocre, and awful neighbors. I'm hoping they stay more on the good side.

Trivia: A Royal Commission set the southwestern boundary of Rhode Island to the Pawcatuck River, the present border, in 1664. The border was appealed and petitioned against by Connecticut until 1764. Source: Rhode Island: A History, William G McLoughlin.

Currently Reading: Neptune's Brood, Charles Stross.


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