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I can count up to five, I can count to ten

c_eagle suggested it might be useful to include summaries of my mathematics blog entries, so people can find they exist and all that. I've normally included them as a PS written the day or two after publication, which isn't so prominent as the weekly note given for humor entries. So, what the heck. Here's some of the mathematics blog entries posted in recent weeks. After this, I should go into recounting the story of Morphicon 2014.

Trivia: Euler squares --- a superimposition of two Latin squares (where each row and column is a permutation of the same elements), in which no pair of symbols is repeated --- exist for square matrices of all sizes except two-by-two and six-by-six, as proven by Bose, Shrirkhande, and Parker in 1959. Source: Mathematics: From The Birth Of Numbers, Jan Gullberg.

Currently Reading: The Golem And The Jinni, Helene Wecker.

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