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Mariah blows the stars around

The con officially opened Friday at noon. There had been a couple of events beforehand, such as a ``so this is your first con'' on Thursday night and something or other even earlier Friday morning, but we weren't interested in those. Since we just had to go downstairs to get to the con, we didn't have to get up early either. (We had a room just next to a stairwell that, somehow, our mental geography insisted on thinking was in the middle of the con space, even though it was just on the end, and so we kept going out of it the wrong way and turning around. Con World Problems.) So we got to see a couple of familiar faces, stare at the Guests of Honor that we never heard of and didn't know anything about, and see that the charity was a ferret rescue service again.

Morphicon, like Motor City Fur Con, did without a printed con book this year, apparently an experiment and one we didn't like at all. At Closing Ceremonies we'd learn that quite a few people were happy to explain that they did not like the Virtual Con Book at all, so I hope the Virtual Con Book experiment is soon ended. But for us it meant that over lunch (I think at a Bob Evans we often have some meal at) all we had to map out our plans for the day was the mini-schedule, which was admirably mini, but printed in Light Gray Anti-Aliased, so good luck quite reading anything, and bunny_hugger worried about how the tiny title and lack of a conbook to explain it would hurt attendance at her Letterboxing panel.

And alas, it was doomed. The Letterboxing panel had just the one person who attended, although happily she did seem interested. The panel was explained in the con's online pages, although for some reason bunny_hugger's description was shrunk down and badly edited. But there was the one interested person, and bunny_hugger got to talk about this of her hobbies and to step into the meditative state that is carving a letterboxing stamp. This hour would also kick off the packed schedule of Friday.

After the Letterboxing panel were tryouts for the Furry Variety Show. bunny_hugger had been thinking off and on about performing on-stage for a while now, especially since Motor City Fur Con, and decided to try out performing despite the soreness of her wrist that's kept her from practicing guitar much in past months, and the soreness in her throat that's been a menace all semester. The tryouts were under SonicBlu's supervision, and had that blend of casualness and hanging-out, of people waiting around while other people deal with problems too complicated to explain, of people hoping to perform and people hoping to figure what they could usefully do, that I find captivating. bunny_hugger insisted several times that I didn't have to sit beside her through the dull parts, but, there aren't dull parts.

We also got to see mystee, who'd be doing a dance for the show, as she rehearsed. That was fine enough, but I was quietly delighted because ... Well, Morphicon doesn't sell out its hotel, by design, and part of the fun is interacting with the other groups who had no idea what they were going to see in the hotel. This year the other big group was a Future Farmers of America delegation. They didn't seem as enchanted by our oddness as usual. Anyway. One of the FFA people was walking down the hallway and got a good view of some people in costume, some people with just furry or My Little Pony T-shirts, and for that matter mystee rehearsing in costume, and was just glaring viciously at all this nonsense going on. I was enchanted by her Sam The Eagle-esque glower.

Trivia: As reward for Charles Greville's encouragement in developing his ``bigrapher'' duplicate-letter-writing machine, Erasmus Darwin gave Greville the world's first duplicated latter (written December 1778, and containing considerable lamentations about the imminent war with France). Source: The Lunar Men: The Friends Who Made The Future, Jenny Uglow.

Currently Reading: Early Baseball And The Rise Of the National League, Tom Melville.


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