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The lawns grow plush in the hinterlands

``The floor isn't food here!'' complained our pet rabbit.

It was a complaint I knew was coming. I couldn't realistically pretend otherwise. So I said, ``I agree with you.''

He sat up and rested his front paws on the cage, the traditional pose for indicating this was a major issue or it was dinnertime. ``So make it better!''

We had taken him outside a couple days ago, when it was warm and sunny and we had some work to do on the yard. So we set up his pen and then pulled him, against his express wishes, into the pet carrier for the trip outside. Once there, and convinced that we weren't going to take him anywhere in the car, he came out of his shell, or at least the carrier, and judged that this was all not intolerably bad.

The remainder of our dialog, as well as a picture of him, are available at my humor blog. Also, I'm not sure people quite realize what a deranged thing that Popeye pinball game concept backstory was last week, so, let me point that out to you again, and tell you: however weird you think it was, it was weirder.

Other stuff run the past week includes:

Trivia: When Kansas City hosted the Democratic National Convention in 1900, citizens offered 26 prizes, totalling $1200, for well-kept lawns, flower gardens, the neatest vacant lot, and other city-improvement projects. Source: The Lawn: A History of an American Obsession, Virginia Scott Jenkins.

Currently Reading: Early Baseball And The Rise Of the National League, Tom Melville.

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