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Maria makes the mountain sounds like folks up there were dying

No time to mourn the failure of my sig, though: as the hour for that ended --- and I let the door close as I left, because I didn't really feel comfortable leaving the room unattended for the half-hour or so before the next scheduled thing --- we had another thing to get to. This would be the Masquerade, people in costume showing off their talents. bunny_hugger got her bunny costume on, and we got to the Masquerade to find there was still a bit of fursuit judging --- originality and construction of costumes --- going on. bunny_hugger doesn't compete in that, as she didn't make her own suit, but a fair number of people did and some of them were pretty neatly innovative.

One guy was there as the Squirrel King, using a partial facemask and some shaggy sleeves and legs (and shoes, for part of the night), to make an outfit that didn't look anything like the traditional mascot outlook. It didn't look photo-realistic, mind you; it looked more like a weird universe's version of camouflage. But it meant he was able to move very freely, very flexibly, and between the outfit and his body language he got squirrel across very well. The guy who does dinosaur costumes inadvertently horrified one of the audience, a fursuit-maker who's got a phobia about dinosaurs, and warning her when they were coming on stage only partly helped.

bunny_hugger had not been able to get any particular music for her performance, or any clear idea what to do besides march on stage and be seen. But then almost nobody had, and it wouldn't probably have much mattered: backstage and at the tech station there was a lot of frustrated ``where is her music?'' and ``has anybody got the music?'' going on, and several people went out on stage with no music at all and just walked around some, or they danced to music they clearly hadn't selected and possibly hadn't ever heard before. She won a prize for being the Best Journeyman Performer. The prize was a Halloween postcard with her prize position written on back.

Now, finally, we had an hour or so before the next thing demanding our time, so we could go back to the room and not be on stage a little. While taking her costume off, bunny_hugger's contact lens got stuck in her eye, and she blinked it out, only to have something go wrong. It felt like something was still caught in her eye, and it was irritated quite badly the rest of the night and for the rest of the weekend. A week later it was still healing-but-not-healed, and how the contact lens could have torn up her eye so is still a mystery.

Our last big thing for the night was to attend Morphicon Tonight, at which bunny_hugger would, out of costume, play guitar. This is one of those things we always mean to go to at Morphicon and usually miss in favor of the dance. Obviously, not this time. I didn't realize that Morphicon Tonight as SonicBlu hosts it is really a talk-show format, complete with monologue turning to opening sketch, interviews with the guests of honor, and the variety-show type performances, and for that matter even Sonic holding up his hand and counting down to returns from ``commercial'' breaks. Here mystee did her dance, despite my terror that she was going to trip over one of the microphone wires. She wasn't in any serious danger.

And bunny_hugger played guitar, her first real public performance with a deliberate audience, as opposed to people who were just nearby when she was strolling the halls or such. She played ``They Call The Wind Maria'', partly because it is an awfully good song, partly because it's also one she knows extremely well and so could perform despite stage fright and now her eye hurting. I was impressed not just with her singing --- the microphone and stage lights made it sound fuller than what she does around the house --- but also how well it completed the emotional composition of Morphicon Tonight. ``They Call The Wind Maria'' is the sort of song that can reduce you to tears, and, it had exactly the right tone and placement so that the whole show was balanced.

I'm confident it's not her last time performing, and I'm looking forward to future shows.

Trivia: To promote his ``Coney Island Film Festival'', the 12th of September 1963, Jay Ward contracted for three vintage ten-car BMT subway trains --- with dining cars added --- to make round-trip express trips from Manhattan to Coney Island, the first time on record of an entire subway being rented for an evening. Source: The Moose That Roared: The Story of Jay Ward, Bill Scott, a Flying Squirrel, and a Talking Moose, Keith Scott.

Currently Reading: The Darien Disaster, John Prebble.

PS: Me and the Witch, about (now yesterday's) Google Doodle and where I first heard about its curve.


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