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Sunday we got up in enough time to haunt the con suite and find they didn't have much vegetarian-friendly food left over. I think we settled for bagels with butter, and didn't bother toasting them because it seemed too hard to find somewhere to plug in a toaster. But while eating we did finally see xolo, who'd become a bit distracting by not being around, and whom we'd worried about. But xolo's fine, and it was just the sort of con where we missed people we'd expected to see. I only saw Dingo in passing three times, two of them while bunny_hugger while preparing stuff in costume, and once during closing ceremonies, so the two of them never got to say a word to one another (so far as I know). Anyway, we got a couple of words in with xolo, is the key part here.

Our first bit of business for the day was the Bunnies SIG, in the infamous suite/room with the perpetually locked door, so I ducked out early to verify the door was closed, and find staff who could open it, and got stymied when it turned out the door was open all along. So that bit of con operations had got smoothed out. Unfortunately, although the Bunnies SIG had a pretty good time slot --- not the morning, and with fursuit games and some puppeteering panels the only specific programming opposite --- it still had lousy attendance. mystee came in, and (I believe) a friend of hers, and that was about it. So we ended up playing the game Devil Bunny Needs A Ham twice, the first time pretty slowly and cautiously and the second time with a relative amount of reckless abandon. This filled the Bunnies SIG time slot almost perfectly.

The next thing we wanted to go to, again preempting our attending SonicBlu's performance panels, was the Raccoons and Procyonids SIG. I'd even volunteered to host this one, but someone else had put in for it first so I deferred to him. But once again attendance was terrible, with just the us and the panel host there for the whole thing; I think one or two people dropped in for a few moments, but didn't last. This was even though we went up and down the con halls calling for ringtailed critters and their supporters to come over, and reminded them there'd be candy. One of the Morphicon traditions at the Raccoons SIG is the tipping over of a toy trash can to spill out a pile of candy, and we did that this year too. There were actually two trash cans, and some trinkets besides candies inside; one of them, a plastic ring, I picked up and put around my guinea pig puppet's wrist so now that's starting to get some personality, whatever a guinea pig with a plastic bracelet suggests.

But we did get to see some new-to-us stuff, like a newer trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy and the, apparently, quite controversial trailer for the Sly Cooper movie that's coming out next year or something. And since the day before was Free Comic Book Day, the host had some of the movie promotional comics Marvel put out, featuring Rocket Raccoon, and he had spares for us to take home.

It seems like Morphicon this year was just a bad one for panels, unfortunately. The only one we went to that had a fair turnout was the Scalies SIG, which I forgot to mention we'd attended on Saturday, mostly on the strength of bunny_hugger's interest in and care for fish. That wasn't a huge panel, but it had a decent turnout, even if the person supposed to run it didn't appear and we don't know why. I suppose the easy thing to do is blame the virtual conbook and the blurriness of the printed schedule, although we did some things to try overcoming those limitations, like going to the other meeting rooms and calling people out. Maybe there was just something in the air.

Trivia: It was the fifth day of operations (in April 1845) before the first Washington-Baltimore telegraph line earned more than one penny; on the fifth day of business it took in twelve and a half cents. Source: The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage.

Currently Reading: Roadshow! The Fall Of Film Musicals In The 1960s, Matthew Kennedy.

PS: A Picture Showing Why The Square Root Of Two Is Irrational, which is just as it says. It's a reblog, showing off a mostly-pictorial proof, which I think you'll like.


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