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I'm getting mixed signals, mixed signals

10:45. You set your cell phone on the table. Turn it on. Stare at it anxiously.

10:55. Wonder if there's enough time to read all of TrekBBS before the call starts.

11:00. Watch entire minute pass without the phone ringing.

11:01. Elation: you have avoided being called into the conference call. Elation gone when you remember they probably haven't excused you from the call, they're just saving up to have you be even more in the conference call.

Are you interested in how the rest of the conference call turns out? You know what these strange little rows of blue text with underlines mean.

Meanwhile, my Statistics Saturday piece, on the risk that I'll correctly identify a color by its name alone, inspired one of my readers to a comment I found amusing and posted right on the front page: A Labor of Like's What You Don't Know About Colors.

And last week's big humor piece ``After Our Pet Rabbit Had A Day Outdoors'' inspired me to a mention in the follow-up about ``Trouble In The Yard''.

Also run recently were ``So In Short, We're All Doomed (Corporate Capitalism Edition'' in case you weren't aware of the issues, and pointers to ``Alice in a Silent Wonderland'' and to my ``Math Comics and the Quintessence of Wimpy'' --- not just pointing to the mathematics blog but also to a Sunday Popeye strip that just ... oh, well, you'll have to see it to quite get how it doesn't get Wimpy, is the thing. Thanks.

Trivia: Paper was made in Bagdad by 793. Source: A History of Mechanical Invention, Abbott Payson Usher.

Currently Reading: Roadshow! The Fall Of Film Musicals In The 1960s, Matthew Kennedy.

Tags: humor

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