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Since my recent mention of the Foot-Drawing Hall of Fame there've been a number of inquiries directed to this office asking for more information about this Hall of Fame, such as where it may be found and whether I made the whole thing up, and what sort of person gets inducted into the Foot-Drawing Hall of Fame. The last is easiest: it tends to be people who draw feet, although there are exceptions made for people who have made great advances --- strides, to use the industry jargon --- in public awareness of foot-drawing and its associated fields, such as sock envisioning or the composition of toenail apologias.

The rest of my exposition on the Foot-Drawing Hall of Fame is over at my humor blog, as is the post, ``How It Being Barefoot Weather Changes The Sense Of How Clean The Floor Is (Illustrated)'' which brought the subject up in the first place. Other stuff to appear over there since last week's explanation of ``How The 11:00 Conference Call Turns Out'' have been:

Trivia: In his March 1947 address to Congress, President Truman requested $400,000,000 in aid for Turkey and Greece and made a point of noting that the sum was not much more than one-tenth of one percent of what had been spent to win World War II. Source: Winning The Peace: The Marshall Plan and America's Coming of Age as a Superpower, Nicolaus Mills.

Currently Reading: Pedestrianism: When Watching People Walk Was America's Favorite Spectator Sport, Matthew Algeo. (I feel like the title's off a bit; surely the spectator sport was people walking, not the watching of the walkers, right?)

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