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With the freshness of the month is a good time for another review of The Price Is Right statistics. There should be only one more of these for the season; if I read the airdate schedule right the show goes into reruns just after the fourth of July, with a late August exception. It feels to me like the show is taking a shorter summer break than it did even a couple years back. I suppose it's a good things that CBS wants more new episodes, but it still feels odd to have a long-running TV show making more episodes per season. Maybe I'm misremembering things.

First Second Third
Month 17 11 10
Season 108 109 109

As you can see, the Showcase Showdowns have reached the point of being a perfect toss-up for the spinners. I'm kind of dreading the fact of the June and early July numbers since it seems too unlikely they'll be this balanced.

First Revealed Second Revealed Double Overbid
Month 10 8 2
All 77 67 17
Unforced Month 2 7 -
Unforced Season 18 51 -

And as pretty well established, it looks like if yours is the first showcase revealed, you're more likely to have won than not, at least if you didn't overbid. The number of double overbids seems high, though; maybe they're making the budget last for more episodes by running cheaper Showcases?

Anyway, these numbers all covered Price episodes from the 5th of May through the 30th of May. This just misses ``Socially Awkward Awesome'' week, this first week of June, where the show includes some pop-up tweets and, on Monday, did a flash mob stunt. This being a new thing, the serious fans of the show (judging by hated it. So all's normal.

Trivia: In September 1905 the Hershey corporation was sued by the Société Générale Suisse de Chocolats for trademark infringement: the color scheme for its Hershey bars --- gold letters on maroon paper --- was apparently borrowed from or at least inspired by their products. After negotiations Hershey redesigned the wrapper. Source: Hershey: Milton S Hershey's Extraordinary Life of Wealth, Empire, and Utopian Dreams, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: The 1986 Official Guide To Alton Towers, John Seccombe. What I unironically love about this is how many of the descriptions of things are at least a little apologetic: parents might enjoy this Space 1999 pavilion even if their kids don't know why they should be looking at this. And I'm not even making up that example. It's so ineffably British in its attitude that, yes, these are things one might enjoy, if you go in for enjoying things like that, but we aren't going to insist on you having a good time.

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