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You open wide and we look in

When I, finally, had my medical checkup, the doctor noticed something that made her a little suspicious. Apparently the artery running down to my stomach was a little too prominent, too spread up, something which might indicate just that I used to be really fat and still have some of the circulatory system of that, or which might indicate serious problems. She recommended an abdominal ultrasound, my first medical screening more sophisticated than a blood draw in like forever. It also ended up being at 8 am, which is a lousy hour for me, but is the kind of hour that makes fasting ahead of the exam easy.

The screening went just about as I would have imagined, with one exception: I didn't know they'd put some kind of lubricant on my belly, and I had no idea that it was going to be warmed. I appreciated the warmth as soon as I felt it on my skin --- it was weird, yes, but it would have been weird and horrible at room temperature --- and then the task was one of me sitting in place, which I'm good at. I did take the chance to see what my internal organs looked like on screen; I don't think I've seen anything inside me besides what you get from dental X-rays.

So, according to the results, there's nothing to worry about, so the problem is just that I used to be obese. I'm at peace with that fact.

Otherwise, medical stuff looks generally good: all my blood tests came out with results that were in the healthy range, with the exception that my cholesterol was just a bit high. The doctor believes that just reflects that I had a fairly high ``good'' HDL cholesterol level, and the ratios of high and low are well-balanced, so there's nothing much to worry about. Though some more aerobic exercise wouldn't hurt. I agree, and I've been meaning to get back into stepping regularly.

And on consultation, the doctor agreed that with my father's and his sister's brain aneurysms it's probably wise for me to get an MRA screening, which is apparently like an MRI only smaller. That'll be set up in the next couple weeks. (Also apparently the specific type was a ``berry aneurysm'', which I had to e-mail my mother about and ask if that was some kind of autocorrect typo. It's not. The less casual term is a ``saccular aneurysm'' and apparently they look like berries.)

Trivia: Between the attack on Fort Sumpter and the start of May 1861 Michiganders raised $81,020 in pledges and organized the 1st Michigan Infantry to support the war cause. The 1st Michigan arrived in Washington, DC, by the 16th of May. Source: Michigan: A History of the Great Lakes State, Bruce A Rubenstein, Lawrence E Ziewacz.

Currently Reading: Reinventing NASA: Human Space Flight, Bureaucracy, and Politics, Roger Handberg.


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