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I'm sure you're wondering about pinball league. We're approaching the final week of the second season and first place was decided long ago: it's going to our world-class player. Second place has proved to be surprisingly competitive, though, with several players all plausibly set to take second come Tuesday. Yes, I'm one of them, owing to a couple of lucky games that have left me over-ranked. I'm happy to be considered, though I should point out that as of today I'm in fourth place.

While playing just for fun with a friend and bunny_hugger yesterday we noticed a woman come over to the machines who clearly knew what she was doing, based on her body language while playing and her complaining about Lord of the Rings having no ball save and doing quite well on Lord of the Rings anyway. She turned out to be one of the performers in the band at the bar that night. After the show (we stayed longer than we expected, playing pinball, hanging out, and playing pool) bunny_hugger went up to tell her about the league and invite her to it (several guys from the pinball league were there but we all agreed it was less creepy for bunny_hugger to invite a strange woman into the group). She was thrilled to be invited, but she's from Oregon and so can't be expected to make league nights often. Too bad. But it did make her day.

I haven't forgotten about my humor blog, I just didn't have a good chance to mention pinball before league night makes it hopelessly outdated. But over there I do have this week's major opus, ``Writing To Be Read'', many words of good advice. I don't want to brag but I think I've got a real winner this time. Also running there since since last week's ``Playing Without Fire'':

Trivia: The Viking 2 lander capsule was sterilized for over 43 hours at temperatures up to 116.2 degrees in the Cape Kennedy sterilization chamber prior to launch. Viking 1's lander was in the sterilization chamber for over fifty hours. Source: On Mars: Exploration of the Red Planet, 1958 - 1978, Edward Clinton Ezell, Linda Neuman Ezell. NASA SP-4212.

Currently Reading: Giant Brains or Machines That Think, Edmund C Berkeley. It's a 1949 book about electronic computing and I admit picking it up a little bit ironically, but I'm actually learning stuff, even if it is about circuit diagrams for how to build electronic sorting machines that use the pre-unification electrical diagram symbols.

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