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Waterloo sunset's fine

To rip things to the present day: the recently concluded day of the 30th was our second wedding anniversary. I gave to bunny_hugger some vintage postcards showing Conneaut Lake Park so far back in its history we can't even guess where the Sunken Gardens depicted in it were, and of a Waverly Park which was in Lansing sometime unidentifiable to web searches. I think it might have been the old Fair Grounds, possibly, where the Olds plant was eventually built. And I have her a CD, the soundtrack of forgotten 1992 movie Toys, which sounds particularly weird until you know that the movie's soundtrack was prepared for some reason by Trevor Horn, aided by Fourth Buggle Bruce Woolley and various Art of Noise cohorts and the like. She gave to me a gorgeous, just wonderful, canvas printing of our favorite wedding picture, showing us sitting on a bench just after the ceremony was done.

As for what to do ... the obvious thing to us was to ride roller coasters, which is why we went to the nearest one, the Serpent, at Kokomo's Family Fun Center in Saginaw. It's a small roller coaster but it's a fun one, and one we hadn't been on since my birthday last year, and it was a nice warm and muggy but under-populated day so we had the ride, indeed nearly the whole center, to ourselves.

We rode the Serpent first thing getting there, because the weather had threatened severe storms and we wanted to be sure not to miss that. And we went to the miniature golf course where we had a succession of ``oh yeah, this hole'' moments because its golf course has a lot of strange and very difficult holes, including one in which you must shoot your ball into the flowing water (it deposits the ball on the green, by the hole), and another with three separate levels that's the only Par 4 miniature golf we can think of. It was a tight match.

We went out to Hello Sushi for dinner, which had a good variety of well-made sushi also served shockingly fast, though not fast enough for us to feel rushed. And it meant we got back in time to ride the roller coaster again (they failed to punch our wristbands, so we might have gotten an extra ride if we'd not been honest about it), tried out the air hockey table (broken; the game started with the score 1-4 and stopped when someone reached 6, and it did the same thing when we restarted) and Dance Dance Revolution (on one song bunny_hugger name was still up as the best dancer, all the way from last September) before going back to finish the night on two more roller coaster rides.

Is this romantic? If you're us, it is. If you're not, trust us.


Trivia: (Ancient) Athenian months were supposed to start with the new moon, and the year to start with the summer solstice. It is an incompatible objective to generally have a year and a month start together. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Madame Blavatsky: The Woman Behind The Myth, Marion Meade.

Edited to add: If you ahve the Travel Channel, US feed, they're showing ``Mission Amusement: Scare Tactics'' Tuesday the 1st at, I believe, 10 pm Eastern. This episode features the team trying to repair and renovate Conneaut Lake Park, about which I've written much, and will be writing more, soon. This includes building a new attraction for the park and I imagine it has got to mention the beachhouse fire that struck the park as they were working. Conneaut Lake Park is an astounding place and I really hope its weird charm comes across on TV.


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