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Meanwhile in the present day we're back from our second major trip of the year, and that's given us the chance to examine the wildlife camera and find that it hasn't photographed any wildlife to speak of. All it managed to picture while we were away were a couple daytime shots of the pond. The adult fish are kind of visible in some of the pictures, but no land-based animals are, and why it was set off is a mystery. My best guess is a change in the breeze caused the net over the pond to suddenly change in brightness and the camera took that to be motion.

Nevertheless there was something to see when we got back: the fish have been hard at work making a second round of baby fish. I saw at least six itty-bitty ones, not longer than my finger is wide, and then today I saw some baby fish that were two finger-widths long. We have to conclude the adult fish got to work on the baby fish situation almost as soon as they were back in the pond. Given that they got to work sooner this year than last we're hopeful that more of the baby fish will be large enough to bring indoors for what has got to be a less harsh winter, come the autumn.

Also we're going to need a new name for the class of baby fish from last year's set. Yearlings, probably, though ``journeymen fish'' is still an option.

This week's major humor piece, The Future Will Really Arrive When We Don't Have To Do Odds And Evens Anymore, starts with a bit of technological progress and never really asks if anyone has to do odds-and-evens anymore. Also run on the humor blog since last week's Things I Don't Understand About Another Ancient Greek (Pythagoras is involved, yes, maybe) have been:

Trivia: Al Jolson signed his contract for The Jazz Singer on 26 May 1927. Work on the film began the 11th of July. The Speed of Sound, Scott Eyman.

Currently Reading: A Call To Arms: Mobilizing America For World War II, Maury Klein.

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