austin_dern (austin_dern) wrote,

All day and nighttime yours, leave me never

There's nothing going on, and I'm even caught up on lecture notes, so all there is to do is grade assignments or watch movies. Grand strategy games I'll get to tomorrow. (Victoria is just perfect for those days when Hearts of Iron seems manageable.) I don't know which one was just ending as I switched to Star Movies. The credits were playing, with what sounded like the generic modern band covering the Kinks' ``All Day and All of the Night.'' I don't know who would commission such a peppy version of this song. The effect's kind of like getting The Backstreet Boys to cover ``Sixteen Tons''.

But the quiet time does let me catch up on some DVDs I've been meaning to watch. My first big discovery: ``Spock's Brain'' is not that bad an episode of the original Star Trek. It's underwritten -- diagnostic of this is the repetitive dialogue (``What's wrong, Bones?'' ``His brain is gone!'' ``His brain is gone?'' ``That's what's wrong!'') -- and played a little too straight (a tough balancing act, as humor tends to work better played straight), but if they added a few whimsical music cues it'd be plainly recognized as the comic ... not masterpiece, but successful enough project that it is. It's certainly got a much worse reputation than it deserves. I can't help but be amused now that when the landing party is captured on Sigma Draconis VII, the locals attach inventory-control tags. Apparently if they were beamed away from the planet they'd get huge ink stains.

Trivia: The Invisible Man arrived at Iping Village on the 9th of February. Source: The Invisible Man, H G Wells.

Currently Reading: The Rocket Men: Vostok and Voskhod, the First Soviet Manned Spaceflights, Rex Hall and David J Shayler.


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