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There'll only be my ashes to scatter

Monday was a dreary enough day and then it turned horrible. News broke in the afternoon that Casino Pier intends to sell its antique carousel. This was the spot that marked the climax of bunny_hugger and my first perfect day, that long experience (six years ago next Wednesday!); it's a spot deep in our hearts; it's where we returned every year, in summer and in winter. It's where we formally became engaged, where the first news of our engagement was given to the world.

The riotously offensive reason the owners gave, at least as their first excuse, for this was that they need the space. Because, you know, there's so very many people who say, ``Casino Pier is a nice enough place but it's so hard to move around with that century-old carousel in the way''. By the way, if you'd like to see how crowded they are, I happen to have an overhead map of the area with the property parcels they currently own overlaid. (The pier, before Superstorm Sandy, reached just about to the limits of the property line.)

I can barely think of anything to say. Sandy was devastating, and waiting months to hear whether the carousel survived was devastating, and then the fire which destroyed the remains of FunTown Pier came and we had to sit helplessly waiting to see if that would destroy it. And after surviving all of this and becoming the symbol of the Jersey Shore's survival and resilience and ability to thrive despite the hardship. And ... it might be gone, before we even know it.

Trivia: Settling the estimated 130,000 Displaced Persons remaining from World War II was, in the view of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the main purpose of the World Refugee Year, 1959 - 1960. The last camps were, officially, closed. Source: The Long Road Home: The Aftermath of the Second World War, Ben Shephard.

Currently Reading: A Call To Arms: Mobilizing America For World War II, Maury Klein.

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