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They send the heart police to put you under cardiac arrest

Years ago when my father had his aneurysm it was recommended all us kids get one, and I was slow to get around to it but finally got on, you know, a health care plan and had a doctor who could order a test made and have results evaluated and all that. Last week I finally had the recommended MRA. The MRA is pretty much an MRI, but smaller, and I still don't know why it has a different abbreviation.

It was my first time in an MRI device, though, and I knew they were supposed to be claustrophobic (I'm not), but I didn't know there'd be things like a harness put around my head or just how close the cylinder walls would come to me. It felt kind of like the safety harness for an exotic amusement park thrill ride, though with more buzzing and humming noises. I did my best to just keep breathing at a steady rate and the doctor seemed satisfied with that.

And I got the results today: all looks well and there's no signs of anything to be concerned about this time around. My record of a truly, deeply boring medical history continues.

Over on the humor blog the main piece this week is the aptly titled On Underwear Procurement Difficulties In The Era Of The Second World War, because that Klein book I just finished mentioned some. Also running since last week's big piece, The Future Will Really Arrive When We Don’t Have To Do Odds And Evens Anymore, have been (check them and make sure I didn't leave any out!):

Trivia: On the 27 March, 1947, oil millionaire Roy Cullen announced to the Texas Hospital Association his intention to donate $80,000,000 to fund local hospitals. Two days later when the Houston Chamber of Commerce's directors came to thank him he announced he had reconsidered and would donate $160,000,000 instead. Source: The Big Rich: The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Texas Oil Fortunes, Bryan Burroughs.

Currently Reading: Sputnik: The Shock of the Century, Paul Dickson.

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