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A fine tin roof with real wooden floors below

We've finally been getting the roof replaced. While a whole flock of guys circled the house and started tending things --- mostly ripping off the ancient shingles --- we worried it might damage the concrete statue of a rabbit that sits in the plants in front of the house. Its ears were accidentally broken by the painters last year and expertly reattached by bunny_hugger's father.

It turned out we didn't have particular need to worry about its ears. At some point the whole statue was stolen. Whether by kids pulling a prank, or someone who so loved the bunny statue he had to steal it from the actual owners, or by someone so desperate for cash as to hawk a used garden statue we can't guess. It's devastating anyway and it's ruined the delight of having the roof --- which was on the verge of falling off --- in the best shape it's been in in decades.

The bartender at the hipster bar where we play pinball --- Facebook-friends with bunny_hugger because that's just the way the world is now --- spread the word about the stolen statue, ordering whichever drunk it was took it to return it (no-questions-asked if it's returned to her), which at least adds some humor to the affair.

Also I'm sorry to interrupt the amusement park tour reporting but realized I'd gotten a big pile of mathematics posts that I hadn't bundled into an announcement recently, so let me get those together:

Trivia: Schenectady-based WRGB television mailed out weekly schedules to television owners after broadcasting began on 6 November 1939. Of the roughly three hundred owners in the area, 25 to 40 regularly returned ratings. Source: Wondrous Contrivances: Technology at the Threshold, Merritt Ierley.

Currently Reading: Dangerous Rhythm: Why Movie Musicals Matter, Richard Barrios.

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