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Even educated fleas do it

At the risk of making these humor-Friday half-entries all about the animals in our yard, here's something about the animals in our yard. bunny_hugger noticed some peeping from a bag of lawn clippings we'd meant to throw out, and identified it as a mouse noise. She rattled the bag around a little and an adolescent mouse leapt out of a tear near the bottom of the bag and ran into the safety of the garage.

As bunny_hugger dragged the bag to the curb, another adolescent mouse leapt out of the hole, ran straight for the garage, realized this came dangerously close to me so swerved around, and disappeared. So we tore the bag open to make sure there weren't any more mice we might be accidentally consigning to a fate at a garbage compactor. There weren't.

Of course, now there's the problem of what the mice were doing that they were peeping. Baby mice peep, to indicate needing something; in older mice it indicates fighting or being hurt or being frustrated because they're receiving unwanted grooming from another (it's a dominance thing). I do not assert that these adolescent mice were perhaps canoodling around in a place they thought private, mind you, but I have no reason to dismiss the possibility.

Over on the humor blog is this week's big piece, ``The Shape Of Things (I'm A Thing), or at least it is if the automatic posting system I put it into worked right. We'll see. Also run on the humor blog since last week's big piece, ``What I Retained From Fifth Grade'', all about glacial moraines and how glacial moraine-y they are, have been:

I'm pretty sure I haven't overlooked something here, but, who knows?

Trivia: The Orion nuclear-bomb-propelled spaceship program was ARPA project number 4977 until March of 1960 (when it was transferred to the Air Force). Source: Project Orion: The True Story of the Atomic Spaceship, George Dyson.

Currently Reading: Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, June 2014, Editor Sheila Williams.

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