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What about the one heart

There was some money left over in the department budget earmarked for morale-building activities. The choice given to everyone: Shall we have a group lunch, or shall we just each get vouchers for a bookstore? My preference, deep down, was for the vouchers. I like lunch, or most any meal, but I like eating alone. I can eat as fast or as slow as I like, and tuck myself into a book, and not worry about boring or annoying or distracting anyone, and not feel the need to time my eating to match theirs. And vouchers for a bookstore would be great; I probably buy more books than any other thing, not counting food items. But ...

I know I don't socialize enough. I just don't think to take the time to do it, which is a shame, as I almost invariably enjoy myself and leave good impressions far and wide. So I went against my actual preference and voted for the department lunch.

The vote came back: we get vouchers. I suppose other people feel they socialize enough. Still, any reason to visit a Kinokuniya, which is a bookstore that actually manages to somehow contain an infinite amount of store space, though my perspective may be off as they contain a lot of Japanese-language books. I probably won't think to invite anyone and go as a group.

Trivia: The position of Robert Hooke (1635-1703) as Curator of the Royal Society required he present several experiments demonstrating a new law of nature at every session of the Royal Society. They met weekly, except in summer. Source: Computational Differential Equations, Kenneth Eriksson, Don Estep, Peter Hansbo, Claes Johnson.

Currently Reading: Second Front Now 1943, Walter Scott Dunn Jr.

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