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Believe it or not, I forgot some stuff about Holiday World. The first is that on our very first ride on The Voyage, in Thanksgiving Land, I put my sunglasses into my pocket. I normally leave the sunglasses in the car but it was a bright, sunny day, and the shade seemed like a nice idea. I took the glasses off because I just don't have experience wearing glasses and didn't have reason to think they wouldn't fly off, especially since I get very careful about roller coasters I haven't ridden before. Few are actually that prone to launching stuff out of your pockets, but, why take the chance?

Well, because the sunglasses got broken. It was a neat, clean snip just past the hinge, the kind that's probably easily fixed with a bit of krazy glue, if it's worth it. They were dollar store glasses, after all, although they did come from the day we were rained out of Kennywood so there's sentimental value. Also, bunny_hugger had been talking about how she goes back and forth as to whether Kennywood or Holiday World is her favorite park, and, after all, can we be sure Holiday World wasn't sending a subtle warning if we didn't express our love for it soon, and often?

The other big forgotten item was the audio gaps between lands. Christmas Land has a natural soundtrack, of course. Fourth Of July Land uses mostly big band music of World War II, which is not strictly speaking Fourth Of July related but did cause me to think about how America might just be accepting World War II as its Founding Mythos for this century.

What struck me, though, was Halloween Land (which brought us ``Monster Mash'' several months early), which has to depend on melodies that are scary certainly but not properly speaking Halloween-linked, such as the themes to Psycho or The Exorcist. It caused us to remark that it's a real shame that Halloween didn't get promoted to the first rank of holidays until after the Rankin/Bass era of stop-motion animation had really passed. The Nightmare Before Christmas offers some good songs (and Halloween Land uses them), but that's just a couple songs, and nobody thinks of Mad Monster Party except for Joel Hodgson.

We also noticed they're very careful about having the audio of each land fade out well away from the boundaries between holidays, which is certainly wise because if you think of the trouble you'd get at the Nativity scene in Christmas Land if you could actually hear something from The Omen, well, there'd be trouble, is all I'm saying.

Trivia: Early Sicilian sugar plantations paid farmworkers high enough wages that people migrated from across Europe for the work. Source: 1493: Uncovering The New World Columbus Created, Charles C Mann.

Currently Reading: Gray Matters, William Hjortsberg. Gee, could there a creepy side to this future setting where people's brains have been popped out and put in computer banks in a novel blurbed by the Los Angeles Times as ``a terrifyingly logical extension of Skinnerian technology''?

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