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I just got back from the Rifftrax show, Godzilla the 1998 version that all the real Godzilla fans hate for one reason or other. I hadn't seen the movie before, although it did feel like it was a really long movie slathered over with Late 90s Blockbuster Movie. I also know serious Godzilla fans hate the movie, but it seemed like a functional Godzilla movie despite it being, well, slathered over with Late 90s Blockbuster Movie so there's not really specific points where it's getting interesting.

Anyway, I had a fun time in a theater about four-fifths full, which seems to me a higher fraction than usual. The riffing felt more lively and giddy than usual. I like both the early and the late MST3K crews, but do feel like the later riffers --- the ones who went to Rifftrax --- were generally less playful. Perhaps the thick layer of Late 90s Blockbuster Movie on the film made it easier to be playful, though; I'm happy with how it came out.

Meanwhile on my humor blog, ``Big Changes On Campus'' get the major piece of the week. Stuff that's appeared since last week's ``The Shape Of Things (I'm A Thing)'' have been:

Trivia: In 1943 American submarines sank 296 Japanese merchant ships totalling 1,335,000 gross tons. In October 1944 alone they sank 321,000 tons of shipping. Source: History of the Second World War, B H Liddell-Hart.

Currently Reading: The Weimar Republic, Detlev J K Peukert.

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