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We have all been here before

If there's been any recurring motif to this summer it's been wondering, ``was there maybe an Indonesian volcano that exploded last year that we didn't hear about?'' It's not been hot, the way last summer was, and it's been diving into darned chilly altogether too often.

That said, why was it getting to the brink of sweltering in the house today? The obvious answer seems to be heat leaking out of the oven, which we're using to roast peanuts so they can be safely fed to our squirrel community (which includes some chipmunks and a raccoon). I'm not sure it actually leaks quite enough heat to do that, except since it wasn't all that much warmer today than previous days and we had the windows open for that nice cross-breeze what else is there?

I hope the squirrels (and chipmunks and raccoon) appreciate this sacrifice of very slight discomfort.

Meanwhile on my humor blog, I deal with being confronted by a ``Did You Know?'' whiteboard. This sort of thing is quite troublesome for me. Also running there since last week's Big Changes On Campus, which I have to admit was an underdeveloped premise that flopped, have been:

Trivia: The average holding in Ferdinand de Lessep's Suez Canal Company was nine shares. Source: Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, Zachary Karabell.

Currently Reading: Symbiote's Crown, Scott Baker. Well, this book does the least with the idea space colonization by mind transfer into new, alien (and genderless) bodies that I think I've ever seen. It's like Baker was afraid of throwing his audience if he did more than mention that the people coming out of the Colony Space Transmitter were green.

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